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Pham Thi My Le and 'she trained young'

Monday, 25 March 2013 23:43

After nearly 10 years operating L & A, a leading company in human resources solutions, Pham Thi My Le suddenly turned to the media. Everyone was surprised, but with her, it was conceived from four years ago.


Ms. Pham Thi My Le - Chairman KingBee Media
Ms. Pham Thi My Le - General Director of KingBee Media


See you on the right KingBee Media round a month old. Despite more than a year after she met as a general manager of L & A Corporation, but the younger sister would. Asked why, she said that, I was released from the shadows, "the old" L & A and step into a dynamic field as a "child actress" of natural KingBee Media should also child out.

What made you decide to change a new page with KingBee Media, she must have "bored" L & A?

It must be said more precisely, I want to change, and media wants is a new array that I enjoyed. In fact, the idea was to do communications pregnancy since 2006, when job websites Jobviet birth, which is one of the activities of L & A.

About L & A, now has a good position and are located in the top market leader. L & A has gone into the stable, with a large and loyal customer. The company also has long-term strategy for sustainable development and will develop according to schedule. However, we need talented people to add new operating creativity, increased ability to expand the company. In fact, today, I remain the largest shareholder of L & A and the Chairman, I just do not run it.

Scope of communications of Vietnam is very fierce competition, so KingBee Media will go How?

Media multimedia platform is the Internet media. Currently, the demand for direct marketing and online expansion and it is very difficult to implement in a traditional newspaper, radio and television. There were many businesses are heading towards social networking, Media KingBee born with the desire to be a serial channel and meet the needs of businesses as well as the young.

Many websites are great to Vietnam and there almost no fees, she developed the field of data communications over the internet has to compete?

Many other websites of Vietnam specialist will have difficulty connecting with him this big, but with is another case. also a natural connection, but the website content (content-centric) and this content is contributed by the community. The information content is always the barriers of culture and language. Here are the advantages and the "armor" for in collisions with large social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn ... Before the company decided to open this way, I think that "their work to local but think global" should have anticipated problems.

Specifically KingBee Media will work like?

KingBee hold two media channels - community site with content on the development of personal and professional. With a social network 150,000 members from 18 - <27 years and 120,000 participants from 27-35 years old, most are school and work in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and 360 Fan - advertising publications issued monthly to about 20,000 offices in the city. Ho Chi Minh. Before our eyes are connected to publications, websites and mobile phones, the future we hope to connect again is another channel internet television screen.

Customers can find anything in these channels? bring the values that young people are looking as scholarships for courses, jobs and more income, associated with the same profession, and share experiences and skills, gifts and shopping discount card ...

On the other hand, for businesses, especially small objects, this is the channel to help them direct access to customers through services such as direct marketing via email / SMS / forum / blogs, online survey, offline events with members ... with a large marketing budget, but no efficient measure fairly specific and independent.

Office 360o is a useful guide for young people to find coupons and discount promotions, the information service of new products for themselves or for their company. Besides, they also read the professional experience sharing useful content selected from the community or in

So, with Media KingBee she will profit from?

It will come from either end, from members and from business. For most members are free, mostly collected in the immediate service is free of charge yearly membership and find jobs more (Freelance).

Revenues from other businesses such as advertising and posting on the Department Motibee or 360o. Media KingBee difference was that most of these services charge after, not before as a collection of ads in the newspapers today. For example, after members received scholarships from Motibee to school or learning center, the center will be divided again% for KingBee Media. In addition, KingBee Media also offers event services, PR, newsletter production for general business ... a lot of KingBee Media Services can make money.

How long does she expect after KingBee Media will pass L & A?

Although officially launched a month but it has run Roda from two years ago. Sales have now and not so bad and higher than a year. The development of the field of communications, particularly Internet-based ability and very strong explosion KingBee Media hopes will be the same. 5 year plan is about KingBee Media will pass L & A.

L & A, she has build and with long time colleagues have been outstanding, while the KingBee Media is completely new, she managed like?

In fact, I've been diagnosed for the birth of KingBee Media from two years ago. The transfer in the L & A is also starting point. Currently KingBee Media still in its early stages should still be operating, the general director is just hold it. After stable KingBee Media will also deliver and CEO would be a different person.

Why did you name your company as a community and network KingBee Motibee?

King bees and bees active. At first the book is Queenbee but this name is registered should spend named KingBee. Take the word "King" for it not being "negative positive thinking prosperity", he said it quickly is that (laughs).

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