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Monday, 25 March 2013 23:39

After nearly 10 years operating L & A, a leading company in human resources solutions, Pham Thi My Le suddenly turned to the media. Everyone was surprised, but with her, it was conceived from four years ago.

On 30/01/2010, members met offline Motibee meaningful theme: "Occupation of the" this is one of the regular operation of the web development professional community. The program has the participation of the guests invited are experts in the field of HR as Nguyen Tu Anh - expert resources of the United Lotus Group and Nguyen Thi Hong Trang - Manager - Training Services - Le & Associates and more than 50 of you Children: Offline - Topic: HR Jobs Offline event - Topic  Human Resouce Jobs

• These young people are now employed Appetite job and wants to share experiences and learn, hone skills more
• The young are eager to learn about professional personnel for orientation and professional development.

The program has provided you have been in the profession have updated, comprehensive look at the lines, shape and development, career advancement.

• How to become a good human resources managers?
• The role of the people in the development of the company?
• Detecting and skills needed to plan training for employees in the company.
• Essentials to become a good recruiting staff?
• How to recruit the right people?
Through the program, your child can imagine doing the job of the strategy and how the other employees do.
During the offline, through various forms: open discussions, presentations, games ..., presenters and participants had the same exchange and share experiences and suggest and discuss in-depth high-quality issues: Offline Event - Topic  Human Resouce Jobs

1. Human resource strategy and organizational structure
2. Job description and performance evaluation
3. Standards of competence and capability assessment
4. Labor relations and internal information
5. Standard search and recruiting talent
6. Construction remuneration
Two invited guests have enthusiastically answered questions openly and share feelings and experiences as having the wrong team, the network even when the business hit crisis or move personnel to test re choosing the right career path personnel favorite is ...
The program also left much impression in the hearts of your children.


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