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Monday, 25 March 2013 23:41

Young people wishing to build and develop professional links with over 150,000 members from 18 - <27 years old. Besides, Motibee also created a group of industry experience and more numerous but not least is SeniorBee with 120,000 members from 27-35 years old. These members, the majority are studying and working in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, received many practical benefits from and associated businesses such as scholarships for vocational courses and short courses skills training, coupons, promotional cards, choose to do extra work (freelance) to increase revenue, connected through the facts online/offline, build personal brand, wrote to share, read and comment to learn more about personal development and careers. also a means to increase multi-dimensional interaction between audiences with content on the media link of, including other websites, telephone, newspapers, television .. .

As interactive and bring the mission to connect, Motibee support businesses, especially small and medium sized objects have direct access to customers through services such as direct marketing via email / SMS / forum / blog, online survey, offline events for members, marketing on search engines (SEO / SEM) ... with large marketing budget, but no efficient measure fairly specific and independent.

360 Magazine

Office 360o - Oct. Diversification

With a circulation of 20,000 copies the first month, directly to the free world in the company office, Office 3600 is a handbook providing information needs of consumers and employees working as : recruitment information, education, and "hunt" promotion, discounts, new products ... Besides, they still read the useful content and community sharing of skills and occupations, office life ...

The direct marketers are interactive in that diversification KingBee Media has connected information from the website to print and mobile. Further, KingBee Media wants to connect to internet television screen.

Media KingBee difference of as much customer service do not need to pay first ad, which will return after the effective marketing campaign from this direct interaction. For example, after Motibee members received scholarships from and to the school, or learning center, the center will return% for KingBee Media. Thus, all three sides feel safe and satisfied.

According to City Young Entrepreneurs Association (YBA) - Membership Meeting Documents fourth quarter 15/01/2010


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