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Activation in traditional markets: known but still learnt

Friday, 31 October 2014 13:20

Accounting for more than 80% distribution, traditional markets still hold more advantages than other channels such as supermarkets or trade centers. Activation campaign in this channel is also more easily done than other channel because it is not tied by management department like supermarkets. Traditional markets are also considered closer to the Vietnamese consumers. Moreover, activation campaigns aim to reach to the most saught-after targets by brands: housewives with strong buying decision and big demand, especially of consumer goods. The most important thing is that traditional markets can satisfy Vietnamese consumers’ behavior of fast and convenient shopping which can bring about more time and attraction for them to join with an activation campaign.

Consumer goods brands still spend more for activation campaigns at traditional markets

Activation in traditional markets is very efficient for foods or necessities. The best advantage about traditional markets is the traffic of ready-to-spend consuming targets to be approached by brands. In supermarkets, it is estimated that only 20-25% of visitors really buy, while in traditional markets, more than 95% of shoppers are to buy. Activation at the markets therefore bring about good sales results and positive effect in brand image.

The best way to conduct an activation campaign in traditional markets is redemption or sampling activity with big discount. The main consumers there are housewives so the most suitable gives-away are pots, pans, ..and other kitchen wares. The attached sampling goods or brand’s products are much less attractive to them.

The teasing phase is so important to send  detailed information to consumers and retailers. It can be done simultaneously via TV, newspapers/magazines, online and  at traditional markets where activation campaign takes place…depending on the brand’s budget and purposes. However, direct teasing campaign in the target traditional markets is the best way to deliver the highest efficiency for an activation campaign because of the thought: “Observation is the best teacher”.

Information leakage can stimulate consumers to join the activation  campaign.

After each of the below-the-line campaigns (Ajinomoto, So Yumm sausage, Cali grape,…), KingBee’s experienced team always draw out the learnt lessons to improve the efficiency in the next projects and to make our clients more satisfied with our activation campaigns. Here are some points to be shared to get a more successful delivery by both agencies and brands in activation campaigns:

-  A good and available space at the market is always an important issue for activation campaigns. We must deal with the market management in advance to ensure a space easily seen and accessed by crowd of consumers, with enough area and time to prepare well for the activation.

-  Asset management to avoid losses during the campaign should be paid attention to, especially at the outdoor traditional markets where there are many big changes by weather and disordered waves of passers-by.

-  All the retailers should be regulated to set a same price to bring about a good effect to consumers.

-  Retailers should be carefully briefed about the campaign and products because they are the ones to bring goods directly to consumers during and after the activation campaign; therefore, they remarkably affect the quality of the campaign. 

Retailers are the key success factor of an activation campaign.

-  Product availability and coverage at the activation area must be ensured. The goods damaged by objective or subjective reasons must be controlled so that the products of good quality would be given to consumers in order to avoid negative thoughts from consumers as "The cheapest is the dearest", "Bad goods are always in new activation"...

Huynh Pham


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