KingBee Activation

About Kingbee Activation - Maketing Agency in Vietnam


KingBee Activation is a subsidiary of KingBee, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam that provides a comprehensive offering below-the-line services, for both local and international companies, in Viet Nam.
Why should you choose us as your activation marketing agency?

* Nationwide coverage: more than 4000 part-time contractors all over the country, good contacts with local authorities, in-depth market understanding


* Real-time-location quality mobile control app: IT applications to manage the projects, vertical and independent horizontal quality control, training and supervising for best performance


Our unique advantage is to maximize the outcome for clients’ campaigns by leveraging the alliance of conventional and digital platforms.



For your specific activation marketing requirements in Vietnam, please contact us for advice.
KingBee Activation About KingBee Activation